6 Vital Reasons Why You Need Property Management Software

The use of property management software enables landlords to work more efficiently, improving the administration of their properties and frequently adding to the value of the investment they have made. Modern software systems provide landlords with a variety of management styles and access to a wide array of tools specifically designed for them. And although the quality of the software that is accessible to landlords continues to improve, the costs associated with using the program continue to decrease. 

Why do you need to find one?

The Oakland property management software industry has revolutionized over the past five to ten years. As a result, this type of software has become a handy and economic resource for landlords across the board. When managing your rental property assets, the following are the six most important reasons you need to use property management software.

Rent Collection Online

This company for rental management in Oakland always supports online payments through integration or in-house service. Online payments boost collection and provide professionalism and ease of use for tenants. Offering ACH, credit cards, debit cards, etc., to pay rent can encourage tenants to pay on time. You can also cease running to the bank at the beginning of the month.


A healthy tenant-landlord relationship depends on good communication. The software makes this easier. Rental reminders, document-signing notifications, late fee notifications, and lease-expiration reminders are delivered automatically. Most property management software lets you send an email, SMS, or app notification to your renters about maintenance or a community announcement. These notifications are tracked, which can be important in a dispute or eviction.


Property management software emphasizes automation. Taking on less work frees you to expand your business or relax. As a landlord, you must manage rent, document expenses, and generate an income report. Good software automates all of these. 

In addition, online payments are recorded. You can photograph your receipt and enter it into your program. Some property management software lets you connect your bank account so that spending may be documented quickly. You’ll be more organized for tax season. Click here for more information.

Find Better Tenants

Tenants can be awful and they cost you time and money. Property management software helps find better tenants. Most property management software includes tools to advertise your properties on many listing platforms. This ensures high-quality candidate inquiries. 

Property management software frequently includes screening services. It would help if you screened your tenants. A tenant’s credit, criminal, and eviction history can help you avoid headaches. Single-platform listing, screening, and renting simplify the leasing process and leads to better tenants.

Easy-To-Track Maintenance

Maintenance is annoying. No landlord wants to give out their phone number, but you may miss requests if you don’t check your email regularly. Sharing maintenance tickets with employees can be a pain. Property management software usually includes a maintenance portal, solving both difficulties.

Tenants can provide maintenance descriptions, images, videos, and other information. This information is stored in your software. Not the tenant, but the program itself will be the one to contact you via electronic means. No need to divulge personal information. You can forward tickets to your maintenance team or add them as sub-users in renting software. They’ll have immediate access and can set their notifications.

Dropbox Storage

Cloud storage and the ability to view your data from anywhere are powerful. If you’ve worked in property management long enough, you’ve probably heard horror stories about landlords whose hard drives crashed, erasing years of rental and company history. This is a nightmare, especially if you get a letter from the IRS (we won’t say “audit”).

The software reduces this danger. It allows you safe access to your data from wherever. If a tenant asks you what they owe while you’re on the job, you can check your property management software account on your phone.


Modern software development has benefited rental management, like many businesses. Practical and affordable tools are improving. Free property management software has many of the same features as older, more expensive versions. Choosing property management software can improve your rental business.

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